Map of Star Makers and organizations that support The Star Project. 

Click here to find them 
Map of Stars for our Troops 

Many of the Star Makers want to share the Stars that they have and welcome you to contact them.. 

We all welcome donations of flags with embroidered Stars and donations to pay for the supplies that are needed to share the Stars. 

All of the Star Makers that are currently registered are shown on the map. 

This year's Star Makers only show their State, Zip and Town, and the Star Maker generic email for the first 3 months. When they have established themselves, their contact information is updated .

The messages with the Stars have a symbol, number or organizations name above the Stars for our Troops website. This helps to locate the distributor of the Stars. The Stars are only embroidered Stars. ​ 

If you receive a Star without these markings, the message is different or  printed Stars are used, please send a report to with information of where and when it was received, especially at an event, the name of the person that gave it to you if you have it and any other details that we might want to now. 
You can text a picture of the Star and message to 518-235-1558. 

We are confirming that the Stars are being handled 
with as much respect as all those being honored with them. 

Stars For Our Troops Inc.
​A 501c3 Charitable Organization
All donations are tax-deductible per IRS rules.