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Soldiers currently serving will receive 100 Stars.                             Veterans and First Responders will receive 50 Stars.
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Choose: Currently Serving or Veteran expanded to include Police, Fire and EMT
Donations are needed to cover the cost of postage and supplies to keep this offer on going.

Those that are currently serving have been sending donations. We felt it only honorable to ask them to not send in donations.

Consider donating extra to send Stars to our military so they don't need to contribute.

You can send a check to Stars for our Troops, PO Box 301, Troy, NY 12182-0301.

PayPal transfer of funds is greatly appreciated. Credit Cards are useable on PayPal.

If you are currently serving,    Thank You for your service!     You do not need to donate.

Many are donating extra so you can receive your Stars. 

You are doing enough for our country,   accept the Stars as our Thank You to you!!

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Thank You for your service
and for your bravery!

Please share these Stars with those
serving with you.

Thank them for all that they do
from the people of the
United States of America.

Generic Card for Currently Serving
INSIDE Message:

Thank you for defending
our freedom.

Welcome Home!!

Thank You for your Service!!

Please share these Stars with others.

Thank them for all that they did from the people of the United States of America.

Generic Card for Veterans