Star Maker Kits
Recommended donation $15 
One kit per Star Maker or 
Star Maker Organization

Become a Star Maker  
Become a Star Maker Organization
Specialty Stars 
Recommended Donation $10 per bag
Special Order Stars may take an extra 14 days after approval.

 Special Order Form Link - 
When you filled out the order form for the special Stars and it did not go to a new page, the order was not received. 

Stars Ordered
Recommended Donation 
$7 per bag

Order Form  Link if you
did not fill out form or 
submit did not take you
 to a new page.  
 to help with supplies and postage for this project. 

Do not use for Stars orders.

PayPal for Donations 
We use PayPal to protect you and our project. 
PayPal accepts most credit cards and guarantee that the donation will be there. 
All transactions done on this page are accepted as donations.

If you ordered bags of Stars, bags of Specialty Stars, a Star Maker kit, or just want to send a donation, this is the page to do it.

All forms must be completed and submitted for ordering Stars and the kit. When submitting the form, it will open a new window acknowledging the order has been sent. If this did not happen, the order form will tell you what is missing. If you feel all parts are completed, put an "X" on each line. All orders need a completed order form so we know you are requesting Stars, a Star Maker Kit after you have registered to become a Star Maker.  

Stars for our Troops will match up the order form for the bags of Stars and the PayPal donation. 

If only one part is there - we will notify you and wait for a response for 7 days. Thereafter, we thank you for the donation.  CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR OUR EMAIL.
Any PayPal entry that does not match a name and e-address from any form on this website will be considered a donation.

Thank You.
The mailing of Stars is at the discretion of 
Stars for our Troops Inc. 
Stars For Our Troops Inc.
​A 501c3 Charitable Organization
All donations are tax-deductible per IRS rules.
If your order has a different name or email address than the one you use for PayPal, please make a note on your PayPal donation. If same mailing address, it will connect. 

Find out about Specialty Stars by clicking here.
To find out about our Star Makers - click here.
To locate a Star Maker  near you  - click here.
Donations received for an extra number of Star bags ordered are greatly appreciated. 
The extra donation is used to help cover the cost to send to our military and supplies. 
We always acknowledged with a Thank You! 
Order One Star - 
    $3 donation
The link will open to the PayPal website. 
Contact us at
Changed your mind and want to send a check. Complete and submit the order form. Print and include this Completed form  with your check. Submitting the order lets us know it is coming and we will email you that we will be waiting for the check. 
Mail both to:

        Stars for our Troops
        Attn: Order Desk
        PO Box 301
        Troy, NY 12182