Thank you for the Stars! It was great to get them in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It was good to have the Stars to hand out to fellow soldiers. A little piece of what we all stand for and reason for being a soldier. I have 23 years in and every day I am grateful to be living in the USA!

Thank You!
For all you do for us soldiers!
Chief B

Feb 2013
Messages from our Troops 2013

Certificate from Afghanistan at bottom of page
I received a package from you with the Stars for Troops.  I have placed the bag of stars in our Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) for folks to pick one up and carry with them!  There are a few hundred people that work in the CAOC and we serve as Air Force Central Command Headquarters. 

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you and we all appreciate what you sent!!

Thank you again!  They will be put to good use.

On behalf of the 717th EASOS and other troops we want to thank you for the Stars. They were a big hit.

October 2013
It is hard being a single soldier hundreds of miles from any family or friends besides the ones I've made in the military. I was given a star from my mother before I deployed to Korea and there has not been a day sense It was given to me that I have not carried it on me. It means a lot to know that even complete strangers care and understand the sacrifices we make everyday to make this great country what it is! Thanks again for your support!

August 2013
   Certificate Received from Afghanistan 2013
Ma'am thank you for what you are doing there are a lot of guys out here that don't get stuff, and this a awesome program.

October 2013