I wanted to thank you, and your organization-staff, for the “American Flag” Stars you have sent overseas.  

I have seen the Stars, received a few, as well as handed out to Soldiers and Marines many of them during my 17 months over here.  

Please note, it is very much appreciated. 

I know all too often the troops do not acknowledge back to the States to the many organizations, clubs, and families that mail care packages and gifts such as the Stars!

Thank you ever so much!

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

July 2012
I was just emailing to say thank you so much for the stars, they made my day when I received them yesterday on August 3rd. I'm pretty sure when I hand them out to the rest of the soldiers they will be equally grateful. I will try to write you a real thank you note as soon as possible. Again thank you so much for the stars


August 2012
Messages from our Troops 2012

I just wanted send a message saying how awesome it is what you all do. i was deployed to iraq from 04-05 and am just now hearing about what you all do. this is something that i wish i would have heard about while i was over seas, i have posted this link to military units that have soldiers deployed so that they can notify people about what you all do. if there is anything i can do to help you all with anything please let me know i would be honored, as a honorably discharged ex military purple heart soldier, to help in anyway that i can.