Organizations that support our Soldiers and Veterans.
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Information about your organization as to how you help our soldiers currently serving or those that served.

Would you be willing to share websites so others will know about each others programs?

We are a volunteer group, and do not currently have a ready supply of Stars to send to any organization.

We are funded only by donations, have not secured non-profit status, thus are not able to freely give Stars to other worthwhile organizations, but are willing to share the instructions.

Stars are not sold, but donations to cover supplies and postage is necessary for all quantities.

It is recommended for large quantities, order one Star Maker STARter Kit ($11)
and have your volunteers create the Stars.

Instructions to create the Stars can be sent via e-mail and will give you all of the information needed without the kit.
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Mail checks to:

Stars for our Troops
C/o Susan Wells
PO Box 301
Troy, NY 12182-0301