Donate the canton/blue field of Stars with Embroidered Stars

Since our project began in 2010, we have received over 22,000 usable flags. (updated December 2021). We need a minimum of 300 usable cantons a month just to fill orders. 
From these flags we have created over 1,065,000 Stars.

What is a usable flag?

We appreciate only receiving flags that are 3 ft x 5 ft and American made USA flags with embroidered Stars. We love the different shades of blue of the canton and the Star does not need to look perfect. Any flag that is not labeled Made in the USA  is not wanted. The flags imported from foreign countries look very nice, but cannot be used. It should show on the white header made in the USA either printed or with a tag near the field of Stars showing made in USA or the flag company is a member of NIFDA or FMAA. 

The Embroidered Stars MAY NOT be bigger than 2 inches to fit into our pouches. If from point to point is bigger than the end of a business card, it can't be used.

We are all volunteers and it takes a lot of time to sort through donated flags. Then we have to take them to a facility that will do a flag retirement ceremony.  We respectfully dispose of unusable flags. We would rather use the time to create the Stars and share them. 

Click on this picture of donated flags, 

Can you pick out the ones we CAN’T use?

Flags from Military funerals should be given to your local National Cemetery, or to your local funeral home. 

The cantons of embroidered Stars (please cut outside the blue area near the hem and keep the white header intact) are needed and it saves on postage,  please mail them to:

Stars for our Troops Inc.  
attn: Susanw
#2 - 116th St. Box 301
Troy, NY 12182-0301

Click here for an address label to print 


Attn: Susanw/Stars for our Troops Inc.
Saratoga Flag
1940 Route 32N at Route 50
Gansevoort, NY 12831 

​On left - Flag Retirement Statement available for downloading and printing

TIP: If you have an abundance of flags to send, we recommend that you contact us first. We can answer questions and make sure the flags being sent can be used. Remove the cantons by cutting near the hem without cutting into the blue area and leaving on the white header. We will give you the address to send them. This will save on shipping, and you can give the stripes to your local Veteran organization for disposal. 

Any questions - call 518-235-1558 or email: 

We wash all cantons/flags that are received and usable. You do not need to do it for us, just make sure the flag has been shaken out before folding in either the triangle or a flat like a sheet. If the flag has more than a simple grommet or pole sleeve, it is probabaly too big for us and please take to any veteran organization including any Elks Lodge. Shaking out the flag before folding removes most dust, dirt, leaves, bugs, etc. prior to shipping. Do not put into plastic if flag has been wet as it arrives moldy. Packages must not be more than 20 pounds for our workers to carry.  

Thanking those that served and are serving.
Stars For Our Troops Inc.
​A 501c3 Charitable Organization
All donations are tax-deductible per IRS rules.
Any PayPal entry that does not match a name and e-address from any form
on this website will be considered a donation.  

"We retire these Flags from service 
and pass the legacy of their Stars 
to those that defended them." 

Retirement Statement for Flags
Keep a copy to read before removing cantons from the stripes.