Donate a flag or flags with Embroidered Stars

Gettysburg Flag Works in East Greenbush, NY has been accepting Flags with embroidered Stars for the Stars for our Troops since April 2011 with 3,633 flags received in 2011.

In 2012 we received 2787 flags for the program.  Of those flags 1676 were of a usable size or 60% of the flags.  With the usable flags we were then able to make 83,800 pouched stars to thank that many soldiers or veterans! 

The EMBROIDERED Stars that are used are less than the size of a business card. About 1/3 of the flags received were useable. Please DO NOT send  Flags that are printed or Stars too big to use. We use Flags made only in the USA. The best size flags are 3'x5' and 4'x 6'.

Click on this picture showing flags received. 

Can you pick out the ones we CAN'T use?

We are all volunteers and it takes a lot of time to sort and dispose of the unuseable flags. We would rather use the time to create the Stars and send them out to our military. 

Flags from Military funerals should be given to your local National Cemetery for their display along the roads of the cemetery of to your local funeral home.

If you would like to contribute a flag(s) to this effort, 
please send to:

Attn: Susanw/Stars for our Troops Inc.
715 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12061

​Click here for address label to print.
Those addressed to Susan designate readers of this website or readers of an article about Stars for our Troops.

If you have an abundance of flags to send, we recommend that you contact us first, then retire the flags, remove the cantons without cutting into the blue area, and ship to the above address. This will save on shipping, and you can give the stripes to your local Veteran organization for disposal. All cantons are washed and vinegar is added to the rinse water to remove all mold, pollen, etc. With the blue area uncut, it allows the material to be washed without unraveling and ruining the canton and the washer and dryer.

Flags can also be sent to Saratoga Flag: 

Attn: Susan/Stars for our Troops Inc.
Saratoga Flag
1940 Route 32N at Route 50
Gansevoort, NY 12831 


As with any organization, there are costs to keep it running. This is a grassroots organization without major or minor funding. 

If you would be interested to help pay for supplies and postage, checks can be sent to: 

Stars for our Troops Inc.
c/o S Wells
PO Box 301
Troy, NY 12182-0301

What your donation will help purchase:

 $15 - create and mail 50 Stars to a Veteran or First Responder
 $11 - The Star Maker Kit
 $30 - create and mail 100 Stars to a soldier 
 $50 - Mail 15 packages of Stars to our military and veterans
$150 - supplies for 1,000 Stars

Requests for Stars, please fill out the Mail Stars information.

Requests for large numbers of Stars should be sent to 
Stars are only sent in multiples of 50 Stars.

All donations receive a Thank You with 2 Stars.

Donate through Pay Pal as a money transfer to Stars for our Troops..

We are looking for major or in-kind donations for printing of the notes, the 2" x 3" pouches, sandwich bags and Tyvek 6"x9" mailing envelopes.

You will receive recognition for your organization and/or business on facebook and this website with a link to your website.

Blank e-Messages are being received. If you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please re-send 
a message to 
Stars for our Troops 
with all pertinent information.
Any PayPal entry that does not match a name and e-address from any form
on this website will be considered a donation.