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Stars will be sent to anyone with an APO/FPO or with an USA Military Base's Name and military address, 100 Stars will be sent for FREE to this hero.
​Due to strict regulations, Stars cannot be mailed to anyone in Basic Training.
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We do not send to anyone in Basic Training.

We do not send to family for free to take to basic graduation.

There are strict rules to follow and approval for packages must be issued prior to sending to boot camp. 

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on this website will be considered a donation.  

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Very happy faces because all of them feel the love from the USA as they received their Stars. 
Thank You to the families and friends that are using Stars to send a message to their loved ones that are currently serving. Your donations are greatly appreciated. This link will open to the Stars PayPal Page.
The address below must be an APO/FPO or show an USA Military Base Name in the address
Any order for Stars that does not meet the criteria of APO, FPO or a named military base address will not be sent for free. One email will be sent to the senders email address. Upon notification of your donation, the Stars will be mailed. 
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