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Q. I found out about your Stars and want to get some. 

A. Stars can be mailed to anyone that is a veteran, currently serving anywhere in the world or a first responder or needs Stars to share to any of the above. From the information in your question, I don't know who you are or if you need 2 Stars or 2,000, if you need for an event in two weeks or for a major holiday. There is a sample sent of one Star.  Stars are being sent for free to anyone currently serving with an APO/FPO or USA military base address. All other Stars are available with a shipping and handling donation prepaid by PayPal or check prior to shipping.

For currently serving military - complete the form here. 

For veterans and first responders - complete the form here. 

For Donations, please read this page. 

If you find there will be a need regularly for more than 100 Stars, Register to become a Star Maker and get the pleasure of creating them yourself and with your organization. Many organizations work on the Stars while they are having their business meeting and accomplish a lot in a short time. 

Go to the Star Maker Organization site and complete the form to Register 

Q. My Dad/Mom/Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter received one of the Stars and I would like to get three more. How much do they cost?

A. Anyone wanting just one Star can get it from the PayPal donation page.  We encourage you to order the Stars mailed in bags of 50. You will be surprised how many other people will want a Star once they see the ones you want to share. We are requesting a shipping/handling donation to help with the cost of postage and supplies.   Complete the form on the Order Stars page here. 

Q. I am a Boy Scout and would like to do the Stars for our Troops project for my Eagle Scout project. How do I do this?

A. Many young men have used the Stars for our Troops to get their Eagle Scout badges. Many created a nice rapport as we work on the project together. I am still in contact with some of them. You need to sign up as a Star Maker.  It is recommended that you start with a STARter Kit so you can create your first Stars to help get the support from others in the community.  You will need to decide if you want to just collect flags, remove the cantons and then either donate the stripes and non-useable flags to a veteran's organization or you can hold a Flag Retirement Ceremony. You can create the Stars from the cantons on hand or you can mail the cantons to Stars for our Troops to add to our inventory. Go to the Star Maker Organization site and Register, send in a donation for the kit. 

We appreciate that many want to return the completed Stars to us, but you will find the best part of the project is sharing the Stars with others. Visit nursing homes and talk to the veterans with your scout troop. Locate senior activity centers and share the Stars there. They will enjoy meeting you. Bake cookies and take Stars to the police and fire departments in your neighborhood.

Q. Is it legal to cut the flag?  I was told by the local Veteran Organization that we can't do this as the only way to dispose of the flag is to burn it. 

A. In June 14, 1923, the American Legion and 68 other patriotic organizations worked very hard to create the National Flag Code. It was a way to organize how to handle the American flag - display, when to fly, where to fly, how to fly, how to dispose, etc. At that time, the flag was created of natural material, and the local veteran organizations were local and would take your flag when it needed to be retired. It was either burned or buried.  

Fast forward 80 years, the flags are now made of synthetic material that melts instead of burns, produces very toxic fumes when burned and the temperature of the fire needs to be excessive to turn the glob of plastic into ash, so it can be buried to follow the instructions of many retirement ceremonies.

Flags that are flying that are ripped, faded to almost white or made in another country are a disrespect to our flag, our county and our military. 

The Stars for our Troops project takes a portion of this hightly honored flag, washes it so it is pure and gives it a new life for our veterans and for those currently serving, including First Responders

Requests are received directly from our military serving overseas, from Veteran Hospitals, Veteran Nursing Homes, Boy and Girl Scouts, church groups, schools, colleges, therapist helping with PTSD,  commanders and generals currently serving, veteran organizations including the VFW and AL to get instructions so they can share the Stars as they see the difference in the lives that they reach. 

This country is based on our freedoms and our ability to make our own decisions.  Some organizations believe that they know what is right for themselves and for us. We always have the right to say NO, I will do it my way.

YOU have to decide whether you will do the Stars project or not. We honor you for making a decision.

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Flags used are 3' x 5' with embroidered Stars only.
If you ordered Stars or paid for Stars through PayPal and have not received them, please look if you received a message 

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