We Mail STARS to our Heroes:

Currently serving military 
     with an APO, FPO, or full military base address. 

Veterans, and First Responders
We are now requesting $5 per bag to cover the cost of supplies and postage for all Stars being mailed to non-current military. 

Send a special greeting card created from your words to let them know why they are receiving these Stars. Include your name and address and we will send you 2 Stars and a copy of the card sent. 

Want to participate by creating Stars in your neighborhood so you will be able to share the love of our country with those serving and those that served? Instructions and templates for the message notes, cards, etc. are emailed to you.


We create Special Message Notes with Thank You's from your organization's name on them. 

You can create them yourself or have us do it for you. We request 30 days to complete your Stars. They are sent to you as soon as they are complete.

Examples and full information is needed to complete each order. A confirmation of how the message will look will be sent upon receipt of your request.

We are requesting $8 for each bag of 50 Stars to cover postage and supplies as well as your choice of paper color. 
Stars For Our Troops Inc.
​A 501c3 Charitable Organization
All donations are tax-deductible per IRS rules.

Welcomes you to find out more about how You and We
can show support to 
those that have Served and 
those that Are Serving - 
our Military, our Veterans 
and our First Responders.

"White Star" 

Listen to what a Veteran felt when he entered into a discussion 
about Stars for our Troops. 
Thank you  Bill Notro. 
He wrote this song BEFORE 
he received his Star.  
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This page was last updated: August 9, 2018
Stars for our Troops is only funded by YOUR donations. 
We are a 501(c)(3) Charity Organization. 

There are no corporate sponsors. Volunteers cut the cantons from the useable flags, wash the cantons, cut and pouch the Stars, but supplies and postage are purchased. 

100% of donations are used to continue this great project. 

Thank you for your encouragement and donation.

Please do not send printed flags or large Flags. Flags must be made in the USA. 
Please write on front of package the number of embroidered flags enclosed.
Please mail flags to (click for printable label):

Flags with Stars larger than 2 inches across  should be donated to your local national cemetery or veteran organization. 
The response to the 2013 Memorial Day article by Reuters has been beyond expectation. Please read and share.

Thank You - count as of 5/24/13 was  2753 hits.


The response to the December 2013 article by Heloise  has been wonderful. Please read and share.

Find out - 
What is a Star Party?

Cheryl Rings, Star Maker 

Communication is often after 9 PM EST.

To ensure a return response, please make sure your e-mail address, full name and city and state is included in all correspondence.

Phone calls may be returned when time is available, with full information as to the reason for the call, your name and organizations name.

We are a group of volunteers that are patriotic, who take old tattered and faded US Flags, retired from service and we pass the legacy of their embroidered Stars to those that defended them. 

We are cutting the fields of blue, known as the canton, from these old flags, then scissor off the embroidered stars.

Into a plastic bag go a star and an explanation:

"I am part of our American flag that has flown over the U.S.A. 
 I can no longer fly. The sun and winds have caused me
  to become tattered and torn. 
Please carry me as a reminder that 
You are not forgotten."  

The best embroidered stars for this project are from 3 ft x 5 ft American made flags. 

​      Letters:                                              Packages: 
Stars for our Troops Inc.                Stars for our Troops Inc.
PO Box 301                                    2 116th St, Box 301
Troy, NY 12182-0301                     Troy, NY 12182-0301 

Susan E Wells 518-235-1558


2015 - 97,034 Stars were distributed from the Albany NY area. We mailed 240 bags to the Military and 445 Veterans. Organizations also shared Stars with the Military, veterans and first responders.
Blank e-Messages are being received. If you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please re-send 
a message to 
Stars for our Troops 
with all pertinent information.
Shared with permission: 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting one of these Stars to a dear family friend that served in the Vietnam War. Sergeant Fish.

The Star was actually given to me by a friend/co-worker who had told me how he and his wife are involved with helping our Veteran's and about the Stars. I told him about our friend and he gave me the Star for him.

Sergeant Fish wants Mike to know how much this means to him..... he said to me tearfully "I knew about these groups saving The Stars.. but I never thought I would receive one." 

Sergeant Fish also stated the this Star was more meaningful to him then The Purple Heart and other medals he had been given by The United States......
This is why we do the STARS!!
Any PayPal entry that does not match a name and e-address from any form on this website will be considered a donation.

"I am part of our American flag that has flown over the USA. I can no longer fly. The sun and winds caused me to become tattered and torn. 
Please carry me as a
 reminder that 
You are not forgotten.”

The mailing of Stars to anyone is at the discretion of Stars for our Troops Inc.

Thank you   to all of the Star Makers and organizations that 
​participated, encouraged and shared Stars in 2017. 

There are currently over 210 Stars Makers that are creating Stars throughout the United States of America. Over 175,000 Stars were shared in 2017 by these Stars Makers

The local chapter of Stars for our Troops Inc. which is in the Albany NY area shared over 125,000 Stars. 

Stars have made a difference to over 300,000 people in 2017. Double that number for those that created and shared them. 

Thank You for the flags! 
Stars For Our Troops Inc.
​A 501c3 Charitable Organization
All donations are tax-deductible per IRS rules.
In 2016, we shared over 121,639 Stars from the Troy office,  mailing Stars around the world. 

That was over 2450 flags

Dec 31, 2017 and the count is 114,000+ Stars from over 2500 flags.

The Stars are created and distributed from the NYS Capital district around the world. ​

Thank you for the flags that are still arriving every day. 
Thank you to Saratoga Flag Works for creating this video about Stars for our 
Troops. They have supported us with cantons from retired flags since 2010.